Ashes of Creation alpha news

Watch the Ashes of Creation July stream video Posted by vince the 2021-07-30 17:31:48
Servers are up: no wipe from the previous phase Posted by vince the 2021-07-22 20:23:13 Ashes of Creation alpha 1 is once more available for playing, and there is no wipe since the previous phase.
Alpha 1: all dragons loots Posted by vince the 2021-07-17 02:24:47 In the patch deployed the 2021/07/15, Intrepid Studios has added more loots for the dragon bosses.
Alpha 1: a new patch is available for a security issue Posted by vince the 2021-07-15 19:27:51 Intrepid Studio has deployed a new patch to fix some security issues, like the gold coming from nowhere, and some bug fixes and balance changes.
Alpha 1: all phases Posted by vince the 2021-07-14 23:27:54 The Ashes of Creation alpha 1-month test is split into 5 phases of 4 days, except for the last one that will be only available for 1 day.
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