Servers are up: no wipe from the previous phase

Posted by vince the 2021-07-22 20:23:13

Ashes of Creation alpha 1 is once more available for playing, and there is no wipe since the previous phase. Announced in a message on Discord, they worked on fixing some bugs related to the previous testing, here are the full patch notes:

- Fixed level unloading (spawning/respawning under the terrain)
- Fixed lighting issues near dungeons
- Road foliage tweaked near starting area

- Fixes for initial Animated Armor populatio"n

- Fix for gold exploits
- Fix for purchasing houses

- Increased Pyroclastic Wyrmling Boss HP from 50k to 150k

- Fixed invisible rider bug
- Fixed teleporting while mounted
- Fixed player movement desync on dismount
- Fixed mount launching into the air, spawning in the air, and walking prematurely in the air
- Fixed issues with mount dismounting

- Added the ability to cap FPS
- Fix for logging into the game in "first person" mode
- Players will now be teleported if they manage to reach outside of the map's boundaries
- Fix for walking on initial load

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