October stream overview

Posted by vince the 2020-11-01 15:16:07

In the October stream, they showed us the work done on the character movement and how it scales on the backend, with a PvP video of ~80 players fighting.

Woe Within the Woodlands items skins

  • Items skins in the shop will be removed the November 7th at 11 am PST.


  • Skills effects will be improved although the color effect and representation are roughly the same.
  • Skin rework will occur after all classes and effects will be ready.
  • Colorblind: icons will be added to identify defenders and attackers, for example.


  • Caravan NPC moving events will begin at a time determined by the lord of the castle but it must be during a weekend or the week proceeding. If no choice is made, it will be set by default.
  • The caravan helps the castle nodes, but since it’s a PvP event, it can be intercepted by an enemy guild.


  • The node creation has been improved to be more dynamic and procedural. When a node spawns, it can have different layouts, buildings, and architectures. The node frame will change depending on its location, the environment, …


  • Classes balancing: mass PVP class interaction will be a priority instead of a 1v1 class fight. In a 1v1 fight, a class can be advantaged or disadvantaged against another.
  • A cooldown will probably be added to change the second archetype (it’s not fixed).


  • The growing plants can be used to decorate a house but it may be restricted to a house type.


  • An option to show or not the helmet will be added.


  • Armor will progress depending on a level and traits may change.
  • Dye color can be applied to armors, but it will not be possible to choose which part to dye on it.

Node Elections

  • The mayor can’t see who voted for who. Fully anonymous.


  • A node chat channel will be available, only usable by the citizens of the node. Notifications (like who joined the node) will be displayed.


  • For now, the guild skills points can’t be relocated but it may change.


  • When a helmet is on, the character's hair will not be present physically.

Under realm

  • As a reminder, the under realm is a world behind the actual world of Verra.
  • The under realm and it’s location is going to be around natural geographic choking points that exist on the above. It will be linked to the above ground. Some zones may be confined to specific areas like mountains or water.
  • Not all under realm entrances will be opened at the same time, it will be dynamic.

Combats pets

  • Multiple categories of combat pets exist like DPS, tank, or support. You will be able to choose the best one for your class. Different categories of rarity exist, so it can be harder to get some.

Alpha 1

  • Skills will not be reworked for alpha 1.

PvP battle video


New characters video

New arts revealed

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