Alpha 1 without NDA will be available today!

Posted by vince the 2021-07-09 13:12:53

It's about time! The Alpha 1 without NDA will be released today at 2 PM EST. That means every player who has an Alpha 1 pack and content creators that have been invited can share with other people screenshots and videos from the game.

About that, you must prepare yourself, because you will see a ton of content from that Alpha 1, perfect to understand node mechanics, combats, and other stuff. It's still an Alpha, so there will be some bugs and other unwanted issues but that's a good start to see the game features.

In Aocportal, we are ready to give you information about the game. At soon as the alpha is available we will release the AOC database, items, quests, NPCs, classes, and skills will be available in our first database version. We count on you to correct some mistakes and add your comments/screenshots to improve the Ashes of Creation database.

On another point, we will continue to write some guides, and develop some cool features to help you understand the world of Verra. It's the beginning of Aocportal and we are really excited about it.

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