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Posted by vince the 2020-10-17 21:32:55

Alpha 1 date changes!

In the Ashes of Creation October Creative Director's letter, Steven Sharif announced a lot about the future of the game, and probably the most anticipated information: the alpha 1 dates. And not only one date, but 4 phases. I hope you ready for this 😊

Alpha 1

  • Separated in 4 phases with a full wipe between each round
  • Game is now updated to Unreal 4.25 (from Unreal 4.23)
  • Placeholders remain, not the real content
  • Polish and bugs fixes between each phase, especially the first one
  • Ashes of Creation specs (if you do not want your computer starting a fire – don’t be the fire guy 😁):
  • Mainly to test base systems (core systems)

Phase 1: December 18 to December 21

  • Stress test of the system
  • Players may expect many bugs/polishes to be done
  • Offline almost 2 months after (I know it can be hard, but they need that time to improve the game)
  • Under NDA
  • Full wipe after (everything is lost, so do not go too far 😁)

Phase 2: February 19 to February 22, 2021

  • Improved version
  • Still under NDA (no spoil guys 😜)
  • Offline less than a month
  • Full wipe after

Phase 3: March 19 to March 26, 2021

  • Fewer bugs than the last one (fingers crossed 😁)
  • A full week of tests (to go as far as we can – not sure how you are going to explain this to your loved ones)
  • No more NDA
  • Official content creators are invited too
  • Full wipe after

Phase 4: April 6 to May 6, 2021

  • A full month of testing (well this time, for real, bye-bye life)
  • That version should be more stable

How to enter in the Alpha 1?

  • I know guys that is the main question here, for those who do not know, but I do not have good news here. If you are not a backer from the previous packs (they were removed a long time ago) you cannot enter BUT (I see the smile now 😆) they have never closed the door to put packs back in the shop (different name but same price ~400 USD).

Alpha 2 and future

  • Lot of content ready for at least the Alpha 2
  • Should be largely improved from the alpha 1 feedbacks
  • … To be continued

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