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All you need to know about the dungeons in Verra, locations, monsters, related quests...

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Manaspring Hollow

Manaspring Hollow

Dungeon information

  • A Group/Raid is recommended to clear it.
  • Located at the north of Winstead node.
  • Level 5-10 elite monsters.
  • Don't fall in the poison! It's really hard to get out and you will get damages over time.
  • If you die, you will have to bypass to the north as the path to the dungeon have a lot of elites from the cemetery.
  • Brood Crawler are guarding the dungeon entrance.
  • Dungeon has trolls and raptors to fight and after going underground it's humanoids.

Monsters list

Bridgebreaker Troll 5-8 Elite Monster
Brood Horror 5-7 Elite Monster
Gatecrasher Troll 5-8 Elite Monster
Shifting Coin Bowmaster 8-10 Elite Monster
Venomous Scalerunner 5-7 Elite Monster
Decritus 10 Final boss of the dungeon
Emberclaw Pack Leader 5-7 Elite Monster
Peyter the Dexterous 10 Elite Monster
Shifting Coin Arcanist 8-10 Elite Monster
Shifting Coin Bladetwister 8-10 Elite Monster
Shifting Coin Medicus 8-10 Elite Monster
Underclaw Raptor 7-10 Elite Monster

Related quests

QuestRecommended LevelNotes
Narrative: A Reckoning / Kill the last boss Decritus, and some of his followers.
Narrative: The Departed / Find Charinne at the entrance of the dungeon.

Information on the dungeon boss

  • The boss is guarded by two Shifting coin Medicus level 9+ and 10+.
  • Decritus will use magic attacks and has 3,700 life points..

Important places

Dungeon entrance

The Manaspring Hollow dungeon entrance is located at the north of the volcano (X: -267,768.156 | Y: 59,539.156).

Dungeon entrance with map

Dungeon entrance

Poison room


Boss room

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