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All you need to know about the dungeons in Verra, locations, monsters, related quests...

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Cerulean Grotto

Cerulean Grotto

Dungeon information

  • Group recommended as there are some elites monsters.
  • Located between two mountains, east of Mistmire node.
  • Level 5-8 monsters and some elites.
  • Compact average monsters density.
  • Flangler Mulcher have DoTs that deal a lot of damage.

Monsters list

Arcane Echo 8 Elite Monster
Flangler Mulcher 5-6 Monster
Sentinel of the Depths 7-8 Elite monster
Timeless Protector 8 Elite monster

Important places

Dungeon entrance

The Cerulean Grotto dungeon entrance is located at the EAST of the Mistmire node (X: -110,278.797 | Y: -64,645.414).

Dungeon entrance with map

Dungeon entrance


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