Dev tracker: Login rewards yes or no?

Posted by LieutenantToast - 2020-11-20 02:21:12 - Source

Nagash wrote: »
The way you worded it sounds like they will be in game
CROW3 wrote: »
That's the way I read Toast's response as well. I would be interested in understanding more about why (e.g. what are they trying to achieve), considering the near-uniform reaction above (knowing this isn't a scientific sample size).

I wasn't meaning to imply as much, I was just providing an alternate angle for the discussion as it seemed like lots of folks here were so uniformly against it, and I wanted to shake ya up a bit ;)

And indeed while forums are amazing for gathering feedback and thoughts on these kinds of things, we do always have to keep in mind that it's only a very small and super passionate subset of the community that will take the time to chime in and respond <3

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