Dev tracker: Login rewards yes or no?

Posted by LieutenantToast - 2020-11-19 22:28:46 - Source

Noaani wrote: »
Second, players shouldn't ever feel punished for taking a day off to take their significant other out for dinner, or to spend an evening with their children.

I definitely understand how these types of login rewards that only ramp up if you log in consistently can lead to potential "feelsbad" moments just for living your real life too. However, I've seen some games implement them where they just count up every time you log in, regardless of how long it's been since your last login - so it was more about rewarding you for overall time played. More like a "thank you for being a loyal friend" vs. "you MUST log in every day to get the greatest goodies". I'd be interested to hear more on what folks think about a system built more like this instead :smiley:
Noaani wrote: »
Someone that is able to spend 2 blocks of 7 hours a week in the game should not be at any disadvantage to someone that is able to spend 7 blocks of 2 hours a week in the game.

Keeping this in mind and expanding further on the above, what if it was just based on your total time played in-game? So that every certain hours of playtime (regardless of consistency of login) you got a nice little gift?

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