Dev tracker: Introducing the Intrepid Studios Content Creator Program

Posted by MargaretKrohn - 2022-09-15 13:55:17 - Source

Lloyd wrote: »
@MargaretKrohn is sooner better? Or can I wait for A2 before I start getting serious about content creation? I have content video ideas, but I was planning on waiting for there to be consistent content before releasing.
You must have consistent content on your platform(s) of choice. We understand that this content will most likely not be Ashes of Creation related at the moment as the game is not out, but we want to see that you are creating content regularly with quality. =)
I applied and I HOPE I get picked - but I realize of course a Blog may not be what they are looking for. Although I have so many ideas in regards to lore and story telling...
Written content totally counts as Content Creation.

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